How to Manage Your Community and Content Marketing to Avoid Disruptive Users

Last week, Mzinga and Answerstage presented a webinar titled “Establish a Troll-free Connection: How to Manage Your Community and Content Marketing to Avoid Disruptive Users,” with Rusty Williams, Mike Millet, and Steve Brock.  Not able to make it?  No problem, here’s a summary…

There is no better way to sustain interest in your brand, organization, initiative (such as a product announcement), or message, while maintaining editorial control over the content, than producing real-time events.  The best events use the best tools, and the Answerstage platform, coupled with Mzinga’s moderation services, enables you to pre-collect and pre-answer questions, assign roles, prioritize questions and selectively cross post answers and commentary to Twitter.  Additionally it allows you to harvest these conversations for future use in your content marketing efforts.

As Rusty from Answerstage said, without being able to control your audience with software and moderators, you can’t keep your message focused and flowing smoothly while maintaining interest.  He demonstrated how Answerstage’s platform allows you to pre-populate the backstage queue with questions and answers before the event, select incoming questions from Twitter and answer them in real-time (using Mzinga moderators for crowd and flow control), while posting the answers back to Twitter.  Answerstage also allows you to use the interaction as a blog and to create a transcript that can be used as a marketing tool.

In the second part of the webinar, Mike and Steve provided three case-studies of how moderation can be used to provide customer service vetting and triage for a large financial institution, for the Three Day Rule matchmaking site, and for Fox television.  We also discussed the moderation challenges of changing technologies, especially with the rapid growth of mobile devices from smart phones, tablets, and laptops.

Do you need to take the stage without the hassle?  This webinar will show you how.  You can listen to the recording here.