Is User Generated Content keeping you up at night?

Aggressive Behavior

Offensive Language

Brand Bashing

Child Endangerment

Dissatisfied Customers


Event Based Peak Traffic

Off Topic Posts

Rest Easy With Mzinga Moderation Services

Word filters
Proactive support engagement
Pre-moderated content
Post-moderated content
Scan moderation
Terms of Service
Management reporting
Crisis Management

Mzinga Moderation Services provides:

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Mzinga is the Expert in Online Moderation

Any channel:
365x7x24 coverage
Multilingual moderators worldwide
25 years of experience
Servicing the world’s largest brands
Experience with all industry segments
Experience with numerous Digital Agencies

So you can rest easy!

Discover Online Moderation

Are your ears burning?

Ongoing conversations about your business and your competitors are happening on social networks every day.

Protect your brand

Take the guesswork out of social moderation.  Protect your brand with Mzinga’s Online Moderation Services and know the conversations that are generated online won’t compromise your reputation.

Our moderators average over 15 years of service in high-traffic / high-profile projects.


Mzinga offers flexible Online Moderation Services for any project size and any project duration.  We can help whether you’re just getting started with a simple Brand Protection Strategy, or are looking for a holistic Social Media Monitoring solution.

Contact our experts to help you configure YOUR solution.

  • Configure your best solution

  • Define and review your moderation plan
  • Open channel social monitoring
  • Proprietary channel social monitoring
  • Any content - text, images, audio, video
  • Brand sentiment analysis
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Conversation starters and content seeding
  • Proactive rapid response
  • Customer service and support engagement

Use Cases

Use Cases

Online Moderation provides services including:

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Hate Speech, Free Speech, or a business decision?

Many large social media channels are coming under fire for not being “tough on hate speech.”  Refer to this recent article in The Guardian – Face-off between MPs and social media giants over online hate speech.  In the US, while hate crimes are illegal, the constitution gives a great deal of latitude to hate speech […]

Online Moderators Keep it Civil, But What About Where They Work?

Online Moderators Keep it Civil, But What About Where They Work? Mzinga moderators spend much of their shifts putting an end to flame wars, banning trolls, handling customer complaints, and keeping the peace.  As Mzinga’s Director of Moderation Services, I ensure that the team works in an environment that encourages and practices civil interaction as […]